Fotomozaik is different. It's picture!

          The new face of thousand years old technology.                                             

          The newly developed picture imaging technology, for producting pictures from glass-mosaic.

          Mosaic pictures may use as tile-covering technology of pool, wall and floor,

          or as an ornamentical element on flat and curved surface.
          Usable as a framed, independent picture, too.
          The FOTOMOZAIK can imagine an object, a face from 1 sqr. meter.

          The sight of the picture,  - built up by 1X1cm size mosaic elements -  becomes photo-like image,
          if  the view disatance is 2-3m.

         Realize Your dreams with FOTOMOZAIK!

          - usable for virtually opening of the internal architectural areas
          - there is no upper limit of the size of mosaic-picture
          - resistive against time and weather, applayable in internal and external areas, too
          - in independent form, like a framed picture, preserves all colors and brillance
          - panel-mounted FOTOMOZAIK is transportable and may bulid in again on a new place